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Yoav Aldaag

Aldaag Engineers Consultants Ltd.

Mechanical Engineering, Israel Institute of Technology, 1975, B.Sc.

Fire Protection Engineering (FPE), University of Maryland, USA, 1980, B.Sc.

Master of Business Administration, University of Maryland, 1982, MBA


Twenty three years of intensive practice as fire protection engineer consultant and designer.

Eighteen years experience of engineering R&D design and top level management in high-tech industry.


Fire Protection and Life Safety consulting in large scale civil, industrial, commercial and military construction projects.

Fire hazard evaluations.

Submittal of Fire Safety Schedules for Approval by the Authorities Having Jurisdiction.

Design large-scale automatic water and foam sprinkler systems.

Design automatic fire suppression systems: Halons, Halon-substitutes, Carbon-Dioxide, Foam, Dry Chemicals - for industrial, civil and military installations.

Design advanced fire detection systems.

Member of Fire Codes Committee, Ministry of Interior

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