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Elisha Yanay

Association of Electronics & Software Industries

Beeper Communications

Chairman, Association of Electronics & Software Industries

Chairman, BEEPER Communication

Mr. Yanay, Sr. VP Motorola Inc. has served until Jun. 2010 as President and General Manager of Motorola Israel.

Following his retirement from Motorola, Elisha has founded his own company, Elisha Yanay Ltd, in the areas of High Tech, communication and Home Land Security.

Elisha is The owner and BEEPER Communication since July 2011.The chairman and share holder in Runcom a 4G, Wimax Company since Februarys 2011.

Elisha is acting as the chairman of the board of israel association of Electronics & Soft ware industries. Elisha also involved in other high tech companies in Israel and abroad. Elisha Yanay is one of the prominent faces in the Israeli electronic area. In the course of his 40 years with Motorola, Elisha has served in a variety of positions with increasing responsibility.

In 1990, Elisha was appointed General Manager of Motorola Communications Israel Ltd. and in 1997 he was elected Corporate Vice President of Motorola Inc. Since 2001 Elisha has been serving as Chairman of the Board and President of Motorola Israel Ltd.

In July 2004 he was promoted to Senior Vice President of Motorola Inc. This is the highest rank ever attained by a Motorola Israel employee within Motorola Inc.

Elisha is very active in the community. He heads Education 2000 Forum (a forum for the expansion and enhancement of technological and scientific education in Israel), and in 2002 he was nominated as the Industry Representative on the Council for Higher Education (2002-2007). He is also a member of the Committee of ORT graduates and of the Technion's International Board of Governors. In 2004, he was elected to the office of Chairman of the Israel Association of Electronics and Information Industries (2004-2008).

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